Bedford, OH
It’s August already! It feels like time is flying. I got to spend last week with my friend Summer Wind. She was so kind and let me stay with her and I had a chance to meet her amazing family. I got to do a few solo hikes during the week and found some bad ass engravings at Nelsons-Kennedy State Park.

Then I went to Ashland OH for the weekend and got to experience a beautiful creek on a property Summer grew up on. The trail was already paved and the views were incredible. My favorite part was seeing all the different dragon flies. I saw a bunch of emerald colored ones with black wings. It was so pretty.

I also got to go to Cedar point and see my Friend Julian Perform. It was really funny, his drummer used to perform with Tropidelic. Either way super talented. It was fun getting to see them perform and then I made 5 roller coasters happen in the 2 hours I had left. Finished off that day with some dip and dots and drove back to the farm for an evening of unwinding. I honestly slept most of Monday…

Today is Tuesday and I am at Firestone Country Club getting all of my adulting items accomplished before planning another week of adventuring.
My birthday in next Monday and I am debating between Hershey Park ( to get chocolate wasted) or Cottonwood Hotsprings CO. I’m not really sure in this moment. Lots to do but I’ve got nothing but time 🙂

Until Next Time !

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