Coyote Groove, OH
I went to a Tropidelic show for the weekend to celebrate. I had the best time ever! I got to dance sing and express myself the way I like to express myself. I wanted to walk around and vend but I could feel people watching me. You know when you watch people watch you? Well I can see the intention before the action is performed and it was pretty off putting. I saw boys trying to cross girls paths and pretend like it was serendipitous to try to create something out of nothing. I saw people checking out what I had in my basket to see what they could snag while I was dancing. I saw pretty girls shooting ugly faces at each other and boys being intrusive trying to say the right thing at the wrong time to create a narrative that was never the truth. I got to see the fakers the posers alongside the realists but shhhiiiiittttt, so many of these people are trifling so hard.

I’m just trying to vend and mind my own business. Waiting for farmers markets to start back up in Florida and still hoping Reggae Rise Up is happening. I’ll be vending and I can’t wait to see all my peoples. For now I’m kinda just going out to shows low key vending and celebrating my birthday for a hot minute 🙂 I’ve spent the last few months trying to run my business with so much interference its silly. I’m going to hop around and do that thing I do until things settle down. Most people won’t know where I am until I show up or post about it later. It’ll make popping up fun again.

Being stationary let me see on a micro level how people behave in communities. From my Ledges experience I saw people get uncomfortable with me being happy singing dancing meditating and running on my own time. I got to hear people call me things like a “trust fund baby” and other untrue stories that I can’t even bother trying to validate. I saw people pretend to be nice but because they felt uncomfortable with my being created false narratives for their comfort. I kind of like it better when people don’t know who I am. They continue to wish you well.

Until Next time <3

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  1. Sheri Bryan says:

    You are such a beautiful soul. Don’t worry about others, their negativity is their own, it’s not meant for you. We look forward to seeing you here in Florida again, you are missed.

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