Just living it out
Pyro was amazing and I am so grateful for to be traveling with my best friend this year. Business wise I did amazing. It felt like i got my grove back because business has been slow since COVA. Personally i felt so much judgement in the air it was kind of sad. There was so much ego all i could say was “lego my ego” as the joke for the situation. I feel like Regga Rise Up will be the last event I set up for this year and want to transition to making vip swag bags and headliner gift basket for music festivals and city events. I want to spin more fire and focus my energy on other creative products as I continue to grow and learn myself.
I feel a shift coming and I’m going to have to get super comfortable with the unknown. Even the way I travel has been shaken up ( in the best way possible). I’m in Tennessee right now prepping for Maypop Music Festival. I’m not vending and will just be there to support my friends that will be preforming. I have no idea what i’m going to do with myself so I’m taking this as an opportunity to listen to myself and see what will bring me the most joy. We did not bring my car so I do not have my comfort items with me so this is definitely going to be different. I’m not mad about it; just vibing with the vibes. Honestly I’ve been having the most amazing time and am taking care of some adulating items one step at a time. I’ve eaten so much pizza I might turn into it soon and I think i’ve made room for desert since leaving from Tampa. (we left Thursday and today is Tuesday). I’ve been able to listen to some amazing artists during this trip and am so grateful to be traveling with such a talented human right now. Hanggin at the Hummingbird apothecary listening to him play and all of my anxiety is lifting. I had so much paperwork to fill out for financial assistance which isn’t the most fun to ask for. Learning to swallow my pride and get my shit together.
Adding Michael and Athena to the crew has made me rethink the vehicle situation. If we could get sponsored by Mercedes Benz and travel in an Eco Friendly Converted Mercedes Benz Sprinter that would be a whole ass vibe. Promote a lifestyle that highlights sustainability and functionality. That kind of campaign has the global impact potential not just environmentally but socially as well. But thats me just thinking my crazy ass thoughts.
Until then I hope everyone is doing amazing and sending all the love your way <3

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