I’m not going to lie, it was a little disappointing driving from Florida to Tennessee just to turn around and go home. I was really excited to vend this one.The weather had other plans and I am honestly so grateful they made the safe decision.
It’s been a weird two years for the business. I was able to vend smaller events last year to hold things together but this year has been hard. The bigger festivals are how I make a living and having then postponed or cancelled really effect what I have twerking here. I am trying to get more traffic online but until then I shake it down in real time. I also have a facebook fundraiser thats liv and any support would be amazing <3
I played the game where I debated if I should try to vend a different event but my energy just wasn’t there for it. I’m happy I went home to rest and re group. I may be vending Imagine with Spunglasses next week. I vended 2 years ago at their Camp Royale and was not successful so I wanted to see how it goes this time with less risk.
I’m trying to do the things that make me happy while sharing these bad ass products I make. They honestly speak for themselves and they actually work. But thats just coming from me. Getting ready for Reggae Rise Up next and I will have 2 tickets to do a giveaway with. I will be posting details and instructions on my Instagram Monday.

Until Next Time <3

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