Travel Diary

Home For the Holi-Daze

Tampa, FL
🌙Life’s been pretty weird the last few months sticking around Florida until the New Year
💕There’s deff been ups and downs but I couldn’t t be more grateful to get to do what I love 
💫The farmers markets I have participated in, in the past, have seriously declined and it looks like I will be taking a break from them for a minute
🦋Forcing growth and focusing on my online presence and pushing internet sales 
⭐️Excited to be a part of The Indie Flea Holiday General Store December 5th & 6th (12-4pm)
🌻 Focusing my energy on growing my social media platforms and driving more traffic to the website
😎It’s Definitely challenging because I still can use Facebooks or Instagram Shop or Promotion features because they still do not allow CBD advertising
🦄It looks like the social media following has to grown organically
🍃Follow @ezlifecbd on Facebook and Instagram if you haven’t already  
Or shop the website This Holiday Season 
Until Next Time ***

Travel Diary

Once in A Blue Moon

Chillhowe VA
🔮Doing this thing where I take time for personal care not only physically but mentally too
✨I’m so non stop I have to remember to take time for my mental health and to love myself just as much as I love running my business
✨💫 Making the time to Meditate on the daily again
🎃 Went to VA for a mini fest for Halloween
💕 Set up as EZ LIFE and met some beautiful souls on this trip
🎥 Recorded a fun music video with Future Joy somewhere in there
🌈 Found a cool Air Band B called the Barn Lodge with a hot tub 🛁
🔥 Been trying different types of events with the business to shake things up🔮 Finding my happy place everywhere and excited to be lining up the EZ LIFE schedule through next year
🌟 Working on building the social media presence and trying to engage more. Follow @ezlifecbd if you aren’t already
💕 Staying busy around the house and getting the last room ready to Air B&B out
Been in the making mood and have made so many infused candies its silly
working on homemade pop tarts for Thanksgiving 🙂
🍋 I hope everyone’s staying positive these days and finding their creative outlets
🍭Feel free to shop the website for your CBD goodies

Until Next Time ***

Travel Diary

Home Sweet Home

Tampa FL

Life Update 🌻
🏡 So after the last event I vended in Kentucky it felt like it was time to head home
My Mom and my Sister both had birthdays to celebrate and I came back to spend some much needed time together
🙃 I Air B and B out my house and right now I’m dealing with a bit of a situation
🦋 Positive twist deep cleaning and making some upgrades in the home
✨ It’s still amazing to be back home and am excited to get back on that market schedule

Travel Diary

Lost River Hostel

Peace of Mind Campground, Kentucky

This weeks adventures :
✨ Stopped at the Lost River Hostel in Indiana
🛁 Took more then a few CBD baths
🛏 Rested my body
🌻 Set up the EZ LIFE table in Kentucky for the Astral Echos Event
👁 So grateful to find such amazing and creative humans
❄️ Got a taste of some chilly weather
🏷 Still need to print some labels
💅🏽 Might get my nails done
🦋 Honestly feeling a little lost and have no idea where I’m heading next
💕 Show yourself some love and shop small online for your CBD self care items

Travel Diary

It’s my Birthday and I’ll Nap If I Want To

Asheville, NC
So August is over and it’s no longer my birthday month. I did get to go to one more birthday party to end the the celebration with a bang.
I stop at a friends house in Tennessee before the part and cooked some real food 😋Finished some patchwork on a jumpsuit that is going to be so bad ass 🌻
Then spent sometime in Asheville and got to feel out the vibes. I went to the park and got to skate my ass off. I did damage one of my skates and am in the process of figuring out how to fix it 🙂
Penny Lane got a fun group of peeps together and I’m not gonna lie I slept through the whole thing. I got a flat tire earlier that day but totally got a new tire fast. The following day I got to set up at The One Stop in Downtown for Shake Down Sunday. It was nice setting up and getting to see how their city is functioning during this time. On my way out I got lost in Pisgah National Forest and took some dope product photos to update the shop with.
🌟I stopped at the Commerce Club in South Carolina and got some adulting items taken care of 💫 ( The bank account got locked sometime during all of this but was handled and restored ). I’m honestly trying to focus more of my attention on my online presence and selling virtually. Support if you can and I can’t wait to see what the next week brings.
Until Next Time ***

Travel Diary

Spanish Fest in TN

Pleasentville TN
A fun recap of last weeks festivities:
I set up at a Spanish speaking festival and it was honestly more like a Mexican Birthday Party. The stage was RAD and the music was non stop 🎶 There was a Rodeo that popped up on the second day and at first I was kinda upset about it until I saw the Bulls stomp on the people trying to ride them 🙃
I ate dollar tacos all weekend 🌮 and then went on a gorgeous hike my last day there ✨
We’ll see what this week brings 💖

Travel Diary

Birds of a Feather

Morning View Kentucky
So I started heading towards Kentucky last Tuesday. I stoped at Hocking Hills State Park and walked a piece of the Buckeye Trail. I saw the Old Man’s Cave and definitely saw a new perspective from the inside looking out. The scenery was beautiful and from the I made my way to the Birds of a Feather Festival in Kentucky. It was amazing. I bumped into my friend Penny Lane, got to do my thing, and had so much fun. The event was on a race track so I took out the roller skates every morning and just got to be myself. Perfect self expression is a beautiful thing. I sang, I danced, caught some music, sold some product, and just vibed out. I can’t lie, Tropidelic was my favorite and I think I might be in love with their sound. Their horns are amazing and that boy can deliver a verse like nobodies business. I had so many fun outfit changes and it was awesome to be in a setting that was so positive and receptive to everyones being.

Up next I have a Spanish Speaking Festival in Tennessee that I am so pumped for. I’m excited to be immersed in the language and see how much Spanish comes out of me. It’s definitely going to be an experience. I’ll be hitting some National Parks before getting there and am just so happy to be on this adventure and grateful for every step thats brought me to this point.

Until Next Time *:]

Travel Diary

It’s My Birthday :)

Coyote Groove, OH
I went to a Tropidelic show for the weekend to celebrate. I had the best time ever! I got to dance sing and express myself the way I like to express myself. I wanted to walk around and vend but I could feel people watching me. You know when you watch people watch you? Well I can see the intention before the action is performed and it was pretty off putting. I saw boys trying to cross girls paths and pretend like it was serendipitous to try to create something out of nothing. I saw people checking out what I had in my basket to see what they could snag while I was dancing. I saw pretty girls shooting ugly faces at each other and boys being intrusive trying to say the right thing at the wrong time to create a narrative that was never the truth. I got to see the fakers the posers alongside the realists but shhhiiiiittttt, so many of these people are trifling so hard.

I’m just trying to vend and mind my own business. Waiting for farmers markets to start back up in Florida and still hoping Reggae Rise Up is happening. I’ll be vending and I can’t wait to see all my peoples. For now I’m kinda just going out to shows low key vending and celebrating my birthday for a hot minute 🙂 I’ve spent the last few months trying to run my business with so much interference its silly. I’m going to hop around and do that thing I do until things settle down. Most people won’t know where I am until I show up or post about it later. It’ll make popping up fun again.

Being stationary let me see on a micro level how people behave in communities. From my Ledges experience I saw people get uncomfortable with me being happy singing dancing meditating and running on my own time. I got to hear people call me things like a “trust fund baby” and other untrue stories that I can’t even bother trying to validate. I saw people pretend to be nice but because they felt uncomfortable with my being created false narratives for their comfort. I kind of like it better when people don’t know who I am. They continue to wish you well.

Until Next time <3

Travel Diary

Hardcore Chillin

Bedford, OH
It’s August already! It feels like time is flying. I got to spend last week with my friend Summer Wind. She was so kind and let me stay with her and I had a chance to meet her amazing family. I got to do a few solo hikes during the week and found some bad ass engravings at Nelsons-Kennedy State Park.

Then I went to Ashland OH for the weekend and got to experience a beautiful creek on a property Summer grew up on. The trail was already paved and the views were incredible. My favorite part was seeing all the different dragon flies. I saw a bunch of emerald colored ones with black wings. It was so pretty.

I also got to go to Cedar point and see my Friend Julian Perform. It was really funny, his drummer used to perform with Tropidelic. Either way super talented. It was fun getting to see them perform and then I made 5 roller coasters happen in the 2 hours I had left. Finished off that day with some dip and dots and drove back to the farm for an evening of unwinding. I honestly slept most of Monday…

Today is Tuesday and I am at Firestone Country Club getting all of my adulting items accomplished before planning another week of adventuring.
My birthday in next Monday and I am debating between Hershey Park ( to get chocolate wasted) or Cottonwood Hotsprings CO. I’m not really sure in this moment. Lots to do but I’ve got nothing but time 🙂

Until Next Time !

Travel Diary

Oh Ohio…

Niles, Ohio
So I’ve never written about what I have going on but figured this could be a fun way to log experiences on the road 🙂

I was Vending at NLQP in Ohio and would say the experience was Wild. I got to Vend for about a month which was really nice. Having a spot to set up during this time made it feel like I had a temporary Brick and Mortar Location. I was disconnected and really had No Idea what was going on in the world.

Around the first week of July, I started to receive mixed messages regarding being set up. After 2 weeks of no communication and then an abrupt miscommunication I left and am on to the next adventure.

I had some errands and tasks to complete before moving forward but am getting everything handled before making my next move. Masks are required where I am currently located but honestly as long as people are being respectful of space and following guidelines there are no issues.
I think I’ll be going to a Farm and then Cedar Point this coming weekend. Also I’ll be changing my oil before doing any long trips. I had a chance to clean my car and organize my whole life at my friend Summer Wind’s Home yesterday. It was so nice getting the opportunity to recalibrate and am so grateful for her hospitality.

My friend Somble is sending me a necklace that I am so excited to receive. My birthday is in two weeks and it is a Birthday Gift to myself 🙂 I will probably go on a few more hikes and am bouncing around the area a little longer while I get my flute re-padded. Im going to check out a Castle and a few spots I had friends recommend. My birthday is the 10th and I am hoping to be in Colorado by then <3 Wishing everyone the best during this time.

Until Next Time ***